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Art Historian 
Provenance Researcher
Collection Curator

Sammlungsbetreuerin/Sammlungsberaterin in Berlin und Deutschland  Beratungsgespräch mit einem Sammler

Art collections often start out as love for a few pieces of art, which over the years – with the acquisition of pieces here and there – grow into an eclectic collection.

Looking for a systematic overview of your treasures? Or do you find it difficult to attribute the artist to this or that piece of artwork? 

With my many years of expertise, I can assist you in cataloguing and researching your collection, and finding the solution best for your art works.


Often the pieces have neither been scientifically investigated nor digitally catalogued. This is where a database plays an invaluable role: It provides collectors a quick overview of their holdings. At the same time, it serves as a valuable tool to fully and comprehensively organize the works, and – if desired – to make them accessible to the public.

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