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Allow me to introduce myself.


I am an art historian, provenance researcher and collection curator based in Berlin. I studied art history, classical archaeology and modern history in Münster, Rome and Berlin. In 2005, I completed my doctorate on the Berlin art trade during the Weimar Republic and National Socialism at the Humboldt University (Berlin) under Prof. Horst Bredekamp, PhD. The focus of my dissertation was on the art collection of the Jewish art collector Robert Graetz.

enderlein-vase -  Provenienzforschung - Berlin
Provenienzforscherin in Deutschland, Europa und USA bei der Untersuchung eines Kunstwerkes

In my career of many years as a provenance researcher and deputy department head at the Federal Art Administration in Berlin, I have acquired extensive expertise in dealing with works of art of various genres such as painting, graphic art, arts and crafts. This includes the inventorying and attribution of works of art, supervision of restoration commissions, and research into the provenance of art objects and collections.

I help collectors by identifying the creators of their artworks, inventorying them and clarifying their provenance.

I am also happy to support artists who would like to digitally present their oeuvre to a broad audience during their lifetime or leave an organized legacy of their works to posterity.
Kunsthistorikerin in Berlin beim Recherchieren in Bibliotheken
Erfassung der Rückseite - Provenienzforschung  Berlin

I am a long-standing member of the Provenance Research Working Group, the International Council of Museums (ICOM), and the Association of German Art Historians, and have an international network of art historians at my disposal. As a lecturer in a university provenance studies program, I taught various aspects of provenance research at the Free University of Berlin from 2012 to 2019, educating students across various disciplines.


Reconstruction of the Robert Graetz Collection
Assisted collectors in Germany and abroad


Dissertation: Der Berliner Kunsthandel in der Weimarer Republik und im Nationalsozialismus. Zum Schicksal der Sammlung Graetz, Berlin 2006 (Inhaltsverzeichnis)
Essay: Überwachung und Bürokratisierung: Die schleichende Verdrängung der Juden aus dem Berliner Kunsthandel, in: Ausstellungskatalog Gute Geschäfte. Kunsthandel in Berlin 1933–1945, Berlin 2011, S. 129–138
Lecture: Zum Schicksal des jüdischen Textilfabrikanten und Kunstsammlers Robert Graetz (1878–1945) im Nationalsozialismus. Rekonstruktion seiner Sammlung
Complete list of publications and lectures
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